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Welcome to The Digital Indoorsmen​

We build websites for churches

Let’s face it, your website could use a little oomph. You’ve seen some other churches sites and thought, ‘Man, why can’t I have something that looks that good?’ Maybe you tried a DIY solution, and let’s just say it didn’t end well. But guess what? We’re not like those other guys. We know how to create a website that’ll make your church really stand out. And the best part? We’ll make it happen without breaking the bank. So, are you ready to bring your church past the late twentieth century? Let’s work together to see your city reached with the Gospel.

Our 6-D Process​



You tell us about your church, which package you want, and any additional features you’d like.



We define the scope of work, what’s expected from each side, and the content you’d like on your site.



We’ll take your content and put it into our beautifully designed templates, and make the homepage look good.



After the design is set, we’ll get all your pages in based on your homepage design and have each section ready to go.



Once the data is all in, we’ll get a demo site ready for you to look through and approve, making sure everything is just right.



It’s go time. We’re about to hit the launch button and show the world your brand spankin’ new website and let people see who you are.

Why Choose Us?​

Let’s face it, pastoring is no walk in the park. And when it comes to struggling online, well, that’s a whole different level of hard. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

We know firsthand how much hard work goes into planting churches and focusing on ministry. That’s why we founded The Digital Indoorsmen.

Not only are we web developers, but we’re pastors and church planters as well. We’ve been involved in web development for over 20 years and church planting for over 14 years. Digital Indoorsmen came out of a desire to be able to plant and lead churches while providing for our families.

That means that every dollar you spend with Digital Indoorsmen goes directly towards funding church planting and church planters.

Ready to Get Started for as low as $249?​

Get a website that crushes it in just 30 days, without a big upfront investment and with flexible low monthly payments for a set term. Let’s make it happen!

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We are based right here in the Canadian Prairies

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